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 Sites worth seeing in Darmstadt


Darmstadt, considered the center of the art nouveau and that is due to the artist colony on the Mathildenhöhe founded by the Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig in 1899.

Darmstadt also describes itself as a City of Science. The Hessian Interior Ministry to the city awarded this title in 1997. It owes the title due to the number of universities and research institutions.

Darmstadt is a surprise in the Rhine-Main area, because only a few travelers assume that there are so many interesting monuments and historical places in it.

Anyone discovering this city will come back again.

The most interesting sights in Darmstadt, at a glance:


The landmark of Darmstadt – the Hochzeitsturm (Wedding Tower)

  With a height of 48 m, the Hochzeitsturm is the landmark of Darmstadt. It is also located on the Mathildenhöhe and nicknamed as the Fünffingerturm (Five Finger Tower), based on its architectural design. Built in 1905 it commemorates the marriage of the Grand Duke with the Grand Duchess Eleonore. It has a viewing platform […]

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The Ludwig monument on the Luisenplatz (square)

  The Ludwig statue is a monument on the Luisenplatz in Darmstadt for Ludwig I, first Grand Duke of Hesse and another landmark of the city. The locals affectionately call it “Long Ludwig”. In its pillar is a spiral staircase with 172 steps, which leads to the observation platform at 30 m. All important bus […]

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The Rosenhöhe

  The Rosenhöhe, Darmstadt is a historical park in the east of the city, whose special feature is the landscaped Rosarium. A Rosarium is a rose garden, in the form of an artistically set up garden or park, which is usually open to the public and the aim is the collection of varieties of roses […]

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Waldspirale of Hundertwasser (Forest Spiral)

  The Waldspirale is the name of a residential complex in Darmstadt, which the famous artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser designed in 2000. It was his last work. He designed each of the more than 1000 windows of the building in a unique way and the shape of the house has no pattern. Therefore, it seems to […]

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